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This is a dependency and configuration management framework that allows multiple forms of configuration via a plugin model with a primary focus on the Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control (IoC) design pattern. The framework comes with a default BeanShell plugin for configuring the components.

This is a proxy-based solution that allows constructor-injection, method-injection and combo-injection (a combination of constructor- and method-injection techniques).

This is not an AOP solution and hence there is no built-in solution for interceptors or mixins; there are lots of other good frameworks for this. However, there is a hook to allow proxy-based AOP solutions (like dynaop) to be plugged-in, to weave the components.


I wanted a lean framework with minimum dependencies and least resistance to manage application dependencies and configurations, and Gravity was born.

Status - beta - 26-May-2004

The first beta version has been released. There is now a new manual, please see the documentation section. The next beta will primarily have improved test suite, better code coverage, bug fixes and minor feature enhancements.

Next Steps